Emergency Management

Emergency Management Agency

About the Department

Emergency Management is the judicious planning, assignment and coordination of all available resources in an integrated program of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery for emergencies of any kind, whether from attack, man-made, or natural sources.

Department Services

Bradford County’s fifty-one local municipalities have Emergency Management Agencies. The County Emergency Management Agency assists the local municipal emergency management agencies in developing their Emergency Operation Plans, provides training for the local emergency management coordinators, and when more than one municipality is involved in a disaster or emergency, provides direction.

The County Emergency Management Agency also coordinates with the State and Federal Emergency Management Agencies during times of disaster or emergencies.

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is also under the jurisdiction of the County Emergency Management Agency. The LEPC is comprised of members of the local SARA Title III Planning Facilities, other facilities that have chemicals, fire, EMS, police, and local government officials. The LEPC is responsible for maintaining the Facility Off-Site Response Plans. The LEPC collects $50.00 per chemical and $100.00 for each response plan. This money is used to provide training to local emergency responders and equipment for response to hazardous materials incidents. Bradford County has sixteen Planning Facilities.

Bradford County is a member of the North Central Counter Terrorism Task Force which includes six other counties: Clinton, Lycoming, Potter, Sullivan, Tioga, and Union. The mission of the Task Force is to foster cooperation and facilitate preparation among officials and agencies in the seven counties in order to safely recognize, respond to and manage situations resulting from terrorist activity, as well as provide assistance to other regions in mutual aid situations.

The National Weather Service and State Officials declared Bradford County a Storm Ready County on November 3, 2000, under a nationwide program to help communities guard against the ravages of severe weather. Bradford County has gained the skills necessary to survive severe weather, both before and during the event.

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